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EAACI Congress 2021 - Hybrid format and change of host city announcement
Rendezvény kezdete: 2021.07.10.Rendezvény vége: 2021.07.12.
Helyszín: Hybrid, Madrid / Krakow
DUAL MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM (MAKIT tagok számára). Felhívás a kapcsolódó dokumetumban olvasható.

Submit your late abstract: Until 29 March, 2021

Dear colleagues,

The EAACI Hybrid Congress 2021 will be taking place on July 10-12. This year we will have the chance to explore yet a new format, where a fantastic scientific programme will intertwine both digital and physical aspects of the meeting.

This year’s motto is “Harmonizing research and patient care in allergy, asthma and clinical immunology”. Although in recent years an effort in spreading clinical guidelines, position papers, and other recommendations for practicing allergy has been done by different societies and scientific organizations, the practice of allergy and research still differs across countries in Europe and other parts of the world. In this sense, EAACI wants to be present in this continuous effort, and our Congress will provide the setting to stir discussions on the best ways to tackle this challenge.

After a year of unexpected scenarios and travel restrictions where we were driven to find new possibilities to connect, we are now well-versed to build on our digital component. In a sense, technology traversing physical borders and bringing us together globally also represents an important harmonization.

The scientific programme crafted with the valuable input from the Spanish Scientific Programme Committee will include new frontiers in asthma, challenges in allergen immunotherapy, novelties in allergy prevention, use of biologicals in allergy, precision medicine in drug hypersensitivity and food allergy, environmental health, pro-con sessions and interactive discussions. As always, communications from around the world are welcome.

The physical part of the meeting that will take place in Krakow, Poland will provide you with the valuable inter-personal conversations between a selected pool of experts in our field that make EAACI Congresses so unique. For the second time Poland and the Polish Society of Allergology are honored to host the participants of the EAACI Congress. The EAACI Congress 2009 in Warsaw was one of the best attended meetings in EAACI history. Krakow will now host the physical part of the EAACI Congress in 2021: a unique place on the map of Poland, where great history meets dynamic modernity.

Krakow is the ancient capital of Poland, located on the largest Polish river - Wisla, where almost every building brings a fascinating heritage of cultures and nationalities to this city. It is a city full of monuments, inspiring places and proximity to the most beautiful Polish mountains - Tatry. In Krakow an unique Jewish district can be found - Kazimierz, where you can feel the atmosphere of old synagogues and Jewish markets. Krakow is the seat of the oldest Polish university - the Jagiellonian University, which is famous of many great leaders of world science – like Nicolaus Copernicus. It is also a place of formation for Polish allergology, where many founders of our specialization created methods that are still in use in allergology.

Krakow is also the seat of many universities; whose students and graduates create a dynamic and young image of the metropolis. ICE Krakow Centre - the venue of the EAACI Congress - is an example of excellent architecture, located in the city centre, and enabling the organization of meetings at the highest world level.

We are certain that Krakow and the ICE Congress Centre will remain in the memory of all participants of the EAACI 2021 Congress for a long time.

The joint efforts of the Spanish and Polish local organising committees in the making of this congress are a perfect representation of what our pan-European Academy stands for, merging the best science from all corners of Europe into an exciting event.

We eagerly look forward to EAACI Hybrid Congress 2021!

On behalf of the Local Organising Committee,

Joaquin Sastre
EAACI Congress 2021 Chair

Santiago Quirce
EAACI Congress 2021 Chair

Marek Kulus
Chair of Local Organising Committee

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